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Friday, September 28, 2012


Okay, so first off if all these years all my metacomments have bothered you, there's a tumblr now, just with sporadic images, starting with this comic. So you won't get everything, but if you just want the occasional comic or photo that you can reblog or whatever, follow me there.

Okay, now that all those nonchalant folk scrammed, I'm going to chat with all you lovelies. So I've been working on this one longer than most, part of why I missed some regular posts, multiple page drawings transferred into full color, and I think it looks pretty alright. I must admit that while it started out a joke about creating a universal scapegoat, as with most my stuff, it gained many levels and subtexts to end a little bittersweet, because I can't really just seem to make you folks happy, I just want to relate to you and then bum you out. Also, if you're seeing themes that you think carry over from other comics of mine, yeah, there's a lot of mise en abyme in this, most of which is intended to be lost on everyone but me(ex: the color scheme is derived from a blanket with dinosaurs on it that I had when I was a kid). Regardless, enjoy:

Friday, September 21, 2012

tea leaves and free palm readings

Okay, so this was originally a comic that I threw out, but I it's actually not too shabby, and I didn't want to miss another comics Friday, and it seemed especially fitting with my birthday being yesterday.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

new processes

Alright, so if you've been following this for awhile, you know that in addition to all my comics-ing I'm a photography student, and if you have the misfortune to having talked to me about this lately, you know all about my alternative film processes studies, and how much I geek out when saying phrases like "expanding what film, and ergo, the photographic image has the potential to be". So these are some prints made using Inkodye (made by the good folks at Lumi, I swear this is isn't a product plug, I'm just this excited about the possibilities this stuff offers). Fr those of you with a background in this sort of thing, it's easier to use, cheaper, colorful, liquid light. For the non darkroom-lurkers, it's a bottle of awesome UV-sensitive goo. These are my first prints with it, which will be part of something I'm putting together this weekend.
...Oh hey, you're still here? Cool. So what I did was make a transparency sheet sized negative, and then essentially a contact print. In the bottom print (of the first image) I smeared on a healthy dose of all three colors Inkodye comes in (did this in a safelighted room) but the stripes were a bit much, and I missed some on my second go, I focused on getting the whole thing completely coated lightly, which looked nice but there were still a lot of brushmarks going willy-nilly, which is a typical side effect of things like liquid light so I suppose I should just accept it, and it is my favorite (hence why it's the close-up picture too). On my third try, I wet the paper (using some scraps left over from the giant fancy printer, so very textured and thick paper essentially, although you can use Inkodye on all sorts of things) and then diluted the dye, so that the paper was saturated with a not-stripy coat...however, some of the dye just dripped right out, so it's too light. Will keep you posted as I figure out how to best apply this.

Making the best out of the negative

See what I did there? Pun! Oops, wait more meta-commentary because I just realized it's still a huge tiff file. Working through some old not-printable negatives via digital scanning. Not sure what I'm doing with this one yet, but not done with it as a project, so stay tuned.

¡El Triceratops!

Friday, September 7, 2012

friday comic post:watching you well

So I tried something new here, and I really only like how the last panel turned out, but I do like the last one, and the base drawing for it, so here we go.