tori holder

Saturday, June 16, 2012

part two

part one here, if you need a recap.


So I sat down, blasted a stream of seemingly unrelated music, and had a mini-drawfest (yes, I know you can tell how cool I am based on how I spend my Friday nights..) but here are two cards I made, along new comic to be posted tomorrow!

inside: a TARDIS and reads "We're so proud of all the work you've done. Enjoy all the adventures in time and space that your new degree takes you"

inside reads: All monkeying around aside, you're the best dad/grandpa

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

work (in progress)

So as of a few days ago, I got the whole computer issue solved, so I have no more excuse for not posting anymore, which means I just have to stop being lazy. So here's the beginning of a comic I just started. It may never get finished, because the last panel involves point-perspective, which I hate doing. Seriously, if math and drawing had a baby, point-perspective would be that baby's soap-opera evil twin. But wait, I just promised not to be lazy...drat.
yes, that was all that happened. In Tori's "room of precariously stacked books" only a necklace wavered.