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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hey-hey-look-at-me / please pick up after your dog

So today I made the occasionally wretched trek over to the internet, checked my email, logged onto facebook and twitter (btw, if you read this and are like "oh I want to friend her" please don't, I only friend those whom I am actually friends with and then feel bad deleting the requests of those people who are like "be my friend person who doesn't know/can't recall me"...I am pretty good at checking out my twitter followers and comments here, so if you'd like to forge a fake friendship with me that way, do it to it!) But after deleting the requests of the people I didn't know, noting that my kinda-sad number of followers remained the same, and then getting into one of those little chat conversation things with a friend of mine about some new artwork he posted, I just got that ennui internet feeling, which turned into an almost revelation. Because in the conversation, I'd said something to the effect of "looking at other people's creative productivity makes me feel like I'm pretty much awful" and Sam was like "stop your self-deprecating bullshit, it's annoying" (except that he's far too nice so it was probably full of kind and cutesy words no one really uses, by the way you should go to the "rad places on internet" tabn after reading every single post here and find his blog's link, so you can look at something, you know, good) and isn't it just the same way with social media, blogs, or even the frequency of your phone rings.. just because you're (and by all you-terms, I mean me) not the most popular, famous, competent, talented person in the universe; well, there must be something grievously wrong with you, isn't there? I mean, why aren't people hanging on your every word like any insert-name-here you can think of? And then you realize how utterly dumb you sound. So that's it, I'm me, you're you, and I will do my best to be a better person pretend you're important if you do the same.

Unrelated in every way here's a little piece of paper on the side of the table while taking time off the computer drawing, I apologize for the poor quality...I love drawing lightly in pencil, but my scanner hates it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

post-a-day 5:weekend

Yeah, so I decided to count the weekend as one large day. I'm entitled to do that, cause, well, I'm really entitled. But check it! New item in the online store (yeah, it's a store now, because I changed the page title..comic buying communists, take no offense, it's just a joke...). Yep, now you can send all your pals and arch-nemesises cards featuring the art and silliness of yours truly. Well, at least look at them before you say no.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Post-a-day 4: technically..

I haven't gone to sleep yet, so it's still friday, so there. Also, sometimes floors work as paper when you can't find paper. Also, my mom made a really awesome cake that I was busy eating at 11:59pm, and then I forgot about posting. Cake can do that.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

post-a-day 3: trial basis

I've never posted from my phone before..not sure if it will work. But here goes nothing because I'm not sure if I can get home and post before midnight..also I'm testing if I can put up pictures this way too. Well, here goes nothing.. (presses send)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Post-a-day 2: behind

Okay so I ended up having guests over all day today unexpectedly, and I just didn't want to slap something on here just to be like day 2! But I only have an hour and I need more time. But technically it was posted before midnight, just amended later.

no that's cheating...I must have something around here.. oh this is nice. I very much like this photograph.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Post-a-day 1: vertigo

Okay, so in trying to make up for the fact that I haven’t posted at all in quite awhile, I am going to post once a day for ten days. Hence I am titling it post- a- day. And yes I know, “but isn’t that what regular blogs do all the time?” Well, yes. “So why is this special enough to warrant you explaining it?” I don’t know, I got to this part of the post and then had to stop because in addition to it being post-a-day day one, it’s also $7movie Tuesday, and if you get there late you have to sit in the very front and move your head around dartingly to watch the whole screen  and that just makes my vertigo worse. But I got there on time, so yay me. Saw Beginners, it was good. Like I was saying two sentences ago, vertigo, as in these various vertigo inspired starts- of-comics. You either know what I mean or aren’t used to hallucinatory illnesses yet. Which, you know, you obviously want to be.

And that’s number one. Bam. Tomorrow: post-a-day two, tentatively titled: the spider that just ran under my bed failed to grant me superpowers when it bit me.