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Saturday, December 24, 2011

some holiday cards I did

usually make more, but well, yeah I ran out of time...

this one's just an in-progress scan.I need to finish it tonight, let you know how it goes.

and then there's this one I sent to in a card exchange..SIERRA HOUK if you are reading this and haven't gotten your card yet, no peeking!

I mean it!

Okay, think she's gone now.

All Doctor Who related cuteness is property of the BBC, I bow down to you, clever television folk, and do this purely out of homage of the best show ever.

Happy Holidays, readers!
Love, Tori

Monday, December 19, 2011

vertigo post 2

Okay, so I'm in the process of moving again, gaaahh, and I haven't been attentive to here but look what I found for you guys:
Also, I promise a right-proper post when I get to my parents' house (crashing there for the holidays, hit me up LA friends!)Tuesday or Wednesday

Friday, December 9, 2011


So we had out first day of snow today, just a light bit of cloud confetti, nonetheless, I was ecstatic (don't believe me? proof ). Anyways, I returned home to see this little guy (whom I hastily dubbed Squirrely Squirrel) frolicking and snacking in the trees with a wee bit of snow on his wee lil nose!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


So I've been looking very much at the separate elements of my comics-making, usually it starts with one phrase or image, so out of curiosity (and lack of time) I've been getting down just the image or text quickly. And some of these, once I get them out, are only children...they aren't worth or don't need context. So I'm trying some messing with spacing, background, different handwritings, color, to make the text bits their own little somethings. This one was in a letter I was writing, and I was hurrying to finish. There's some more which I'm not going to post right now, because they're, ahem, sensitive, as in if the person who they were thought up in response to saw it, they'd know. Yes, I know, hah, like anyone I see in the day to day looks at this!

Friday, December 2, 2011


So this is a little book-type thing I made in 2009 that I just had returned to me yesterday. It was for a creative writing course, and I had turned it in with my portfolio and apparently the professor had been cleaning up her office and found a lot of unreturned portfolios. So I thought I'd post it, just because while it's very rudimentary, it kind of was the last thing I did that lead me into really deciding that maybe making comics what what I really needed to do ...because I did shit like this all the time and then thought, "you know, if I put a little more effort into it, maybe this stuff could be something". Also, it folds out so that you don't see the next page until you're done with the page you're on and was made using all 100% post-consumer recycled materials (looking over the in class comments that were also in there, these seemed to be things people really liked that these pictures don't get across.

finger is kind of casting a shadow over the word "she" in case you couldn't read it

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sensitive Kid

Okay, so this one's long overdue but I was having tech difficulties and crap I have no time difficulties. Inspired by the amazing Cold War Kids show last Friday at the Troub. As with a lot of things, I don't have rights or permission for anything, just love, undying respect, and a dire hope I don't get sued.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


real post coming soon, took this of the table with my phone. been busy.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

homeward bound

busy packing, but my last post on here was a bummerfest. So here, enjoy: negatives from the roof of LACMA

Monday, November 14, 2011

no buses

Okay, so I'm having insomnia issues again...which led to me busting out this incredibly "meh" comic in like, 20 minutes (yeah, I know, it shows). Hope your day is off to a better start.

..and yes, the post title is a reference to an old Arctic Monkeys song...someone needs to check my ipod's "shuffle" function...namely, no long stretches of sad songs after 11PM and more "whoa I'd completely forgot about this song" please.

Friday, November 4, 2011

home and hole are only one letter apart

Sorry I've been out. It happens. This is kinda weird though, because I feel like I never have multiple people's reactions to a work before I post it (I wasn't holding out on you, just finished coloring in the dirt yesterday afternoon), but so far they've all been positive, lots of "Oh wow" s, which are always nice, got one "This is really nice *holds original copy up to nose* it smells funny though" which, it does, used a weird old felt pen that smells like cleaning supplies, so the criticism is well deserved.

Monday, October 24, 2011

this is what happens when I have too much coffee

Between normal life, making fliers, working on my Halloween costume, and getting some pieces ready for a publication my friend's putting together, I am creatively tapped out, so sorry if my posts are skint in the next week or so. However, this popped in my head and I had to get it on paper and on the interwebs.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the new old school

what do you get when you add me, some severely underdeveloped film negatives, a scanner, a couple hours and photoshop/lightroom? These. More to come hopefully.

..personally I like the second a lot better.

week after week

This week's occupy poster. See this post for all my musings/disclaimers about the movement. Just posting it because here is honestly the only way I keep track of "finished" work.

Friday, October 14, 2011

just a little something to keep me occupied

Okay, so in past posts, I've been letting some of my more 'controversial' beliefs come up and then each time saying "Oh I won't do that again, I don't want to alienate anyone", but here it goes again. Here's a poster I did for Occupy Walla Walla! Yes, unlike OWS, we won't be camping out for weeks (at least not at this point) and we're in a little nowhere town, but that's just the point:our voices are valuable because we want to use them for some rational discussion about the state of our town and nation. That want, and acting on it, is not "extremist" or "disruptive" or "anti-American", in fact it is one of the most American things we can do to share our opinions, draw attention to our grievances, and work together to try and come up with solutions. Every "Occupy" event has its own way of doing things and its own meaning, and it just so happens that ours involves an optional potluck and jam session. So if you're in Walla Walla on Sunday, stop by. Whatever your opinions are, we'd love to hear them. Or check out occupy together to find an event near you.

Also, I'm posting it just like I post other posters/flyers I do, as a functional appropriation of all the doodling I do..think the guitar turned out great on this! (there's also a Spanish version of this floating around, also by me, layout and content is essentially the exact same thing.)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


As promised, something I was working on today. Just a little doodle, I actually kind of hate some parts of it, but I'm doing this new thing now instead of just giving up on something the second it doesn't work, just keep at it. Everything's practice, and it's the only way you ever get better. And some bits of it ain't too shabby.

yeah just in case ya didn't know, kind of love halloween.

Well, nighty-night everybody, think I just going to pop in the shower a then maybe read/draw a bit (just now realizing I sound like every girl at the beginning of the horror movie..ut-oh).


Okay, so I took a few days off, in which I meant to get a lot done (which if you count catching up on over a week's worth of sleep in the past 4 days, watching a lot of movies and tv shows, and making serious head way on my Halloween costume a lot, then I did. Spent the first half of today cleaning/organizing my place, got very stressed out (it's always emotionally jarring for me when it gets the the time of year where I have to put away the shorts to make room for sweaters) and so I did what I usually do when I get all yucked up, I put on a good record, spend the A side just lying down, thinking calm and happy thoughts, and then when it's time to flip the record, I get up and do something. In this case, Wilco's A.M. and drawing. And then i realized that my room right now might be the best creative space I've ever had. It's kind of spacious (bigger than my old place but not too big), colorfully decorated, and just a little bit on the chilly side (if I get too warm I just fall asleep). So here are some pictures of where my brain does its thing (some product of this space to be posted later tonight, early tomorrow).

Yes, I do ofttimes pull the little extra-space board out of the desk and use it as a giant clipboard. And yes that is not Wilco's A.M., it's Belle & Sebastian's The Boy with the Arab Strap..good job that one guy who thought he'd caught the vinyl incongruity in this post.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

everybody wants to save the world

And sometimes, it's rather easy. Sure, maybe there's a protest (or ten) you're too far away from to partake in, maybe you haven't managed to make yourself carbon-neutral, maybe your cape just isn't back from the drycleaners yet. But you know what you can do? You can sign this petition for the Sierra Club to help them get permanent protection for the Arctic Refuge. And yes, I know, I don't usually use my blog like this, but I was asked to make a pledge for how many signatures I thought I could get, and well, I really aimed um, ambitiously. So please help them save an important threatened habitat and help me not let them down by filling in tori holder in the bottom two fields where it asked who referred you.  Thanks a million, and I promise I won't make (too much) of a habit of this.

because this lil guy unfortunately can't stand up for himself, otherwise we wouldn't need petitions

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Okay so I'm really really busy with not-at-all-fun stuff right now, but I just had to post this. From last night:
Yes, some of it isn't factually correct, but I was just doing it off the top of my head.

And here are a couple older ones I did, I seem to have no etch-a-sketch art in here

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

deserving of the title 'post'

Okay, so I just was bit by the comicscritter (mythical creature, first cousin of imaginarymonster) and had to post this now. I promise I'll try to replace this with a good scan sometime this week. Also, I promise I'll explain what (to some of you) will come across as a glaring "what? no way! wait, why aren't you expanding on that" later.As always, click for full size image, if I don't do thumbnails, it wrecks the whole formatting Here you go. Goodnight/goodmorning.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


So I just thought I would post something because not posting yesterday felt weird, and also, it's been many a post since we've had any photos up in here. Scanned a ton in for a portfolio few weeks ago, here are a couple.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This is it kiddos, the end of the "to twenty' series. I had an absolute blast with it, and hope you did too. So here's the last installment. Also, please go get yourself a goodiebag, I swear they're more than worth it,and I want to get them all out so I can take down that page.

you're invited!

In addition to my festivities today, I'm also having a little dinner with my closest friends  (in town) later in the week, and made them these silly little invites to let them know I have no idea when exactly, but something will happen and they should be ready at a moment's notice. and since I consider ya'll close friends (of a sort) there's a special suprise gift type thing for you today, but only if you're at the ready this moment. Click on the invite for your own special birthday perk! Yay!