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Sunday, October 31, 2010

just words

Does anyone else feel like Halloween is weird when it's on a Sunday? Like you already did most all your Halloween things Friday or Saturday  and now it's just like wha? Still Halloween? No, I already watched the Halloween episode of every show, including some which I've never watched before and never will again, while making my costume, which I already wore to a fun Halloween party. I've listened to Halloween music, decorated, had ghost shaped cookies, struggled to get my keys out of my shoes at 1AM (even when I make my own costumes...there are never pockets! "costume" and "pockets" just don't go together..fortunately I've figured out i can put most everything I direly need: keys, card, and phone, into my chucks...also they give more traction when walking around in the rain than cute go-with-costume shoes..although I don't really know what shoes go with a tiger costume...). But here's to anyone still handing out candy or watching horror movies or etc, good job. But I'm just posting to say that starting tomorrow I'm working on a kind of bigger project than I usually do that will leave my very engrossed for at least the next month, so I may just be posting "oh look at this old comic I found" or "check out these pictures...that aren't recent, but new to you" or maybe even some "this isn't finished yet but lookie-look!"  and then there's a lot of other stuff going on (everyone here knows I'm still in the process of going to school right?) So that will also be taking up time from me being a good blogger, which I pre-apologize for.

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