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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

anything, everything, whatever

So I was treating myself to some kill-time-on-the-interwebs time because I can (I really shouldn't be, but I feared I was going insane earlier today and thought it might be a good idea to give the old brain a rest), and realized i update my blog a lot less than other people. Additionally, I make mid-sized life announcements on other people's blogs. like that I'm working on my very first full-length comic book and it should be done by the end of the calendar year. I'll most definitely put some pages from it up here i the coming days/weeks and probably sell it through etsy or something for as cheap as possible (I'm not trying to make buckets o' cash money, I just love the idea of a narrative you can hold and turn pages and such...not that I don't like webcomics too, I'm just a tad old-fashioned). But with announcement-time out of the way, here's some other stuff I've been plugging away at.

poster design I did for a concert at my college

some pictures I took when I was ever so briefly in LA

nighttime freeway picture..I just love taking these

another nighttime freeway picture
got the chance to see okgo while I was home

that's right...handbells.

Damien taking a picture of me (and 1000 other people) taking a picture of him taking a picture of me...
you wish you were here

confetti cannons are rad
if you're confetti or awesomeness allergic, you probably shouldn't see okgo

fuzzy glowing laser shooting guitars...EPIC.

love it? hate it? don't care? comment.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

late...or early

I know, what is a sick one like me doing awake at this hour? (oh, yeah, did I mention I have an upper respiratory infection?) But all this sleep has me drastically off normal human timetables...and drawing really awesome comics (I literally just finished something that I think is kind of my favorite thing I've drawn...) but here's a photo I really like that I took at like 3AM the other day...from my window, I didn't actually go outside at 3AM in the rain while sick, that'd be dumb...(oh, wait, I don't think my mom follows my blog...guess that info  wasn't necessary).

Monday, November 8, 2010

new new new!

Okay so this is something from what I am currently working on...and I just wanted to share...because I can. And yes, I just finished this two minutes ago and took a picture of it as opposed to scanning because I'm in my  pajamas and not getting dressed again just to go scan something. Also, doesn't the text for my astro course have the most pretentious title? (as well as still having the price tag on it..tacky, I know)  But it's what we all isn't it? (in quest of the universe, not pretentious or tacky.)

Oh and there's now an rss feed, so you don't have to personally ask me when I'm going to put something new up. Gettin' snazzy up in here!