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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

not-so-little folks.

Yeah, I know, AWOL Tori once again. I've been hibernating/unpacking/finding out "we'll contact you about a work schedule" does not in any way mean you might have employment (seriously, I am not bitter about this, I understand, it's fine but please, if you know someone who needs an employee of some sort: I'm there, I'll do it, awesome. And no, that sentence is not my entire resume.). But anyhow, this is one I started awhile ago and never inked over.

Linus, my poor imitation of Charles Schulz's handwriting, and any and all humor that derives from the two is the intellectual property of Charles Schulz's estate and I in no way mean to infringe on any copyrights. It is a purely not profit-related homage. (Also, points for anyone who caught the reference in the post title. "Little Folks" was what Schulz originally was going title Peanuts. He never really liked the title Peanuts apparently. The things you learn in museums!)

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