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Thursday, December 8, 2011


So I've been looking very much at the separate elements of my comics-making, usually it starts with one phrase or image, so out of curiosity (and lack of time) I've been getting down just the image or text quickly. And some of these, once I get them out, are only children...they aren't worth or don't need context. So I'm trying some messing with spacing, background, different handwritings, color, to make the text bits their own little somethings. This one was in a letter I was writing, and I was hurrying to finish. There's some more which I'm not going to post right now, because they're, ahem, sensitive, as in if the person who they were thought up in response to saw it, they'd know. Yes, I know, hah, like anyone I see in the day to day looks at this!

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