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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sang along to the songs I never had the courage to write..

This one has been sitting in folders, on desks, and in computer files so long that it doesn't even seem like it's mine anymore. Just something I can share with you, something that takes less courage than posting it in the mire of my emotion and rage, when it was the only way I knew how to say what I felt was, as per usch, in comics-form. Because it's something to hide behind. Because we all get scared, we all fuck up, but it's when people have the courage to love us through our fuckedupedness that things work. So if you disagree with any of the viewpoints here, please just have the courage to know I'll be back to the less controversial stuff you're used to by tomorrow and not cut me out of your life, and I'll try and have that same maturity in all aspects of my life.

None of the people, places, music, etc, had anything to do with this comic, other than I things i drew on to help my narrative, so don't blame them if you're offended.

oh and for those of you that  don't remember every lyric mentioned in here: recommend listening

click to see full size image (couldn't post full size, too big with itsybitsy details)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

(underwater) perspective

yeah, it's been awhile..I've had a bit of a falling-out with my computer as of late (yes, "falling-out" as in refusing-to-believe-that-something-is-wrong-so-just-believing-it-to-be-disagreeable) so this post is thanks to the absolutely frivolous feature of mobile blogging,provided that my phone's in a good mood.Sketched this at the aquarium earlier today,the thing in the middle is called a sunfish (I would provide a link,but just google it) and they are SUPER COOL AND NOT AT ALL UGLY..yes, people kept going up to the tank and saying "that's so ugly"and pointing. It is not! And how would you like it if people walked up to you and called you ugly, huh? Because maybe you look ugly to it. It's all how you're looking at, not what. And I always find an underdog adorable.