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Saturday, December 24, 2011

some holiday cards I did

usually make more, but well, yeah I ran out of time...

this one's just an in-progress scan.I need to finish it tonight, let you know how it goes.

and then there's this one I sent to in a card exchange..SIERRA HOUK if you are reading this and haven't gotten your card yet, no peeking!

I mean it!

Okay, think she's gone now.

All Doctor Who related cuteness is property of the BBC, I bow down to you, clever television folk, and do this purely out of homage of the best show ever.

Happy Holidays, readers!
Love, Tori

Monday, December 19, 2011

vertigo post 2

Okay, so I'm in the process of moving again, gaaahh, and I haven't been attentive to here but look what I found for you guys:
Also, I promise a right-proper post when I get to my parents' house (crashing there for the holidays, hit me up LA friends!)Tuesday or Wednesday

Friday, December 9, 2011


So we had out first day of snow today, just a light bit of cloud confetti, nonetheless, I was ecstatic (don't believe me? proof ). Anyways, I returned home to see this little guy (whom I hastily dubbed Squirrely Squirrel) frolicking and snacking in the trees with a wee bit of snow on his wee lil nose!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


So I've been looking very much at the separate elements of my comics-making, usually it starts with one phrase or image, so out of curiosity (and lack of time) I've been getting down just the image or text quickly. And some of these, once I get them out, are only children...they aren't worth or don't need context. So I'm trying some messing with spacing, background, different handwritings, color, to make the text bits their own little somethings. This one was in a letter I was writing, and I was hurrying to finish. There's some more which I'm not going to post right now, because they're, ahem, sensitive, as in if the person who they were thought up in response to saw it, they'd know. Yes, I know, hah, like anyone I see in the day to day looks at this!

Friday, December 2, 2011


So this is a little book-type thing I made in 2009 that I just had returned to me yesterday. It was for a creative writing course, and I had turned it in with my portfolio and apparently the professor had been cleaning up her office and found a lot of unreturned portfolios. So I thought I'd post it, just because while it's very rudimentary, it kind of was the last thing I did that lead me into really deciding that maybe making comics what what I really needed to do ...because I did shit like this all the time and then thought, "you know, if I put a little more effort into it, maybe this stuff could be something". Also, it folds out so that you don't see the next page until you're done with the page you're on and was made using all 100% post-consumer recycled materials (looking over the in class comments that were also in there, these seemed to be things people really liked that these pictures don't get across.

finger is kind of casting a shadow over the word "she" in case you couldn't read it