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Friday, September 28, 2012


Okay, so first off if all these years all my metacomments have bothered you, there's a tumblr now, just with sporadic images, starting with this comic. So you won't get everything, but if you just want the occasional comic or photo that you can reblog or whatever, follow me there.

Okay, now that all those nonchalant folk scrammed, I'm going to chat with all you lovelies. So I've been working on this one longer than most, part of why I missed some regular posts, multiple page drawings transferred into full color, and I think it looks pretty alright. I must admit that while it started out a joke about creating a universal scapegoat, as with most my stuff, it gained many levels and subtexts to end a little bittersweet, because I can't really just seem to make you folks happy, I just want to relate to you and then bum you out. Also, if you're seeing themes that you think carry over from other comics of mine, yeah, there's a lot of mise en abyme in this, most of which is intended to be lost on everyone but me(ex: the color scheme is derived from a blanket with dinosaurs on it that I had when I was a kid). Regardless, enjoy:

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