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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

negatives experiment #479

Okay, so there aren't 478 other posts on here about digital negative manipulation, but I feel the time I spend on it there might as well be, so this is one I did a little bit ago but felt was missing something, until I decided to try adding color in a very subtle way (yes VERY subtle, achieved via layering color gradients under the image at reduced opacity). And now I have a very nice desktop background that feels less cold-weather-despair (yes I am definitely of the stereotype of SoCal expats who want to shrivel up and die if it rains more than two days in a row...but I love snow, so go figure).

And yes, all of those who guessed "from LA+ferris wheel=that's of the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel", you're right. Oh stereotypes.

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