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Thursday, January 17, 2013

AWAY Preorder!

So I'm really quite excited to say that my latest comic book/zine/graphic novella is finally finished and ready for all of you to paw through. It's called AWAY una collezione di fumetti, which is Italian for "a collection of comics" (note: the entirety of the work is in English, with the exception of a couple really obvious words) and are comics from and based on when I was in Italy for a sizable chunk of 2012. Which, yes, was last year, but I spent a lot of time revising things and narrowing down which pieces to use, as well as doing completely unrelated things. A couple pages that made it into the finished work, or at least versions thereof have already been featured here, and are reposted below, along with the wraparound cover (so yes, that's the front and back, it's not a portrait-page-format-oriented piece). I've had a lot of fun and put a lot of work into it, so I hope you'll enjoy!


$4 plus one for shipping.

*disclosure statement, this work contains explicit language (one b.s.,one s, and two f 's, none in a graphic-description nature) and were used to uphold to the actuality of some dialogue. If it really offends you, please note it on the order form and you will receive a copy with said words blacked out.

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