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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the other senioritis

Return of the pretty words posts! This was the opening line on a reply email my friend sent me the other day, and it just really stuck. Sorry there hasn't been nor won't be much lately, as the title suggests, for those who don't know, I'm in my final term at college and have over commitments, a full course load, and a graduating/not graduating defining gallery show in less than 2 months. Oh, and the whole find a job bit.
(while we're at it, want to mention The Company You Keep Drive is still going strong, and if you looked at it before, you probably "huh?"ed at the description..mix-up on some of the drive product descriptions, if you bid on something with my name in the title, you will get a comic of short to moderate length about whatever you want it to be about. And if you're not feeling that creative, you can just buy one of the last copies of Away)

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Company You Keep

Hey guys, so I'm one of the featured artists in a fundraising drive for Karen Demsko's webseries The Company You Keep. And I know what you're thinking "Okay, good for you, but why do I care?" Well, I'll tell you! Because this week you have a chance to bid on some awesome art items, including a custom comic by yours truly. Ever wished you had printed and bound evidence of the dream you had where you were named king of Squirreltopia? Or really need a nice little speech bubble around the time you told your parents you were moving to Antarctica? Or maybe you have no clue what to get your friend/significant other/family member for their birthday but you know you want something kinda artsy and clever and remember that funny thing that happened once? All of those things. So head on over to The Company You Keep site and bid on it, and all the other things because they're lovely too.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

So not proud of this, but I start what I finish, even if it's in the few minutes before class. Also, poorly drawn as he is, I think love panda teaches a valuable lesson: overwork yourself and you will start to hallucinate. Seriously though, love you guys. (For previous years v-day comics, here(2012, 2011) and for sappy stuff to get you in a valentines mood, here and here (the one so sappy it still sort of embarrasses me)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I'm relentlessly torn on which of the two versions of this comic to post: I spent hours trying to figure out color on it, but in the end, I think I like the black and white better, just because the weight of the frames isn't properly distributed to do what I thought I wanted to do with the color. But it seems only fair to show both, because maybe someone else will have a good idea on how to not screw it up (if so please comment and be as critical as you like).