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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Okay so this is something I did ages ago, kind of as a parody of those dramatic speeches they make in romantic comedies some friends and I were just like joking around about it and I was like oh I should draw that out, and then like as I scribbled it out I realized that totally cheesy things that I was doodling were hyperboles of actual feelings and then I got embarrassed and didn't post it(also, alcohol doesn't exist until you're how could I have made one of the claims herein?). So now that a good chunk of time has past and I just found it in a folder labeled "scanned things" I thought I'd post it. Because it's still kinda self-deprecatingly clever, although I wish it didn't say love at the end. Just because in terms of over the top, yes you have to say love, but in terms of legit feelings for a person, it's more like a "I just have to say I'm questioning whether or not I'm having feelings for you that go past friend-feelings". Also, now you know my dirty secret: I might actually have a heart, and had liked/like a boy.

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