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Saturday, December 11, 2010

cats! (status updates

Okay, so there's only one cat..but isn't it neato? I found this on someone else's blog (honeyb, very cute apparel and goods, and when I say goods I mean cat shaped pillows..I wish they'd make one that looked like my cat..but awesome stuff even if cat pillows isn't your thing ...check it here ) but anywho...I've got a lot of work I ought to be doing that I am not (story of my life) and I just keep finding more and more distractions (I've taken up and entered a love/hate relationship with an internationally beloved craft...expect a comic of it soon-ish.) Just till Wednesday. After Wednesday I will be done with finals and homeward bound. And then things will start making sense. By the way, I apparently got a lot of visits to the blog this past week...nice to meet ya'll, follow or subscribe to the feed and then you can, you know, just skim my posts and come over when you think I may be saying something interesting.

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