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Thursday, March 3, 2011

as it's happening...

Okay, so typically I like to have some cohesion to what I post. But life is just happening, and sometimes you've got to run with it. case in point: if you're any slight variation on that known as "the darkroom geek" you know the amazing, trippy things that can happen mid-processing. This blew my mind:
a few minutes in light, photographed last night, when still wet

scanned this morning, dried

as you can see, a lot is lost in just a few hours. But the great thing is that it at least existed, and I have some artifact of what so caught my attention.

also, on the thread of what is happening, last night I got to go to a fantastic lecture by Joe Sacco, who just does excellent journalistic comics (seriously look this guy up) and I actually got to talk to him while he was signing my copy of Footnotes In Gaza. Which was rad. Because to get to have a brief discourse with someone who does something awesome within your medium, that's so rare and cool. So did I say anything utterly profound, tell him how seeing what he does and that he started out in comics doing mostly small autobio stuff like yours truly and now is like doing stuff with such meaning and impact on a global scale is really inspiring because it shows how your work can evolve? no. I got all quiet and when he asked me if I liked comics, just a simple "yeah".

so not all was lost, but not the best impression made.

speaking of, I'm now late for class. I need to set my clock to real time

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  1. Awesome. Joe Sacco is my fav. Palestine is one of my all-time favorite books.