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Sunday, March 27, 2011

back in the saddle

Okay, so (okay, so ho many of my post start with "okay, so..."? need to get a new intro apparently) I kind of quit the internet for two weeks with no notice...which I feel like was a really irresponsible thing to do, because well, before I left this little chunk of the interwebs was being visited a lot, and by people who don't know that I'm standoffish and flighty and will decide to cut almost all communications for an indefinite period of time just for the hell of it. But I was in California, which was fun for the most part, saw a lot of people who don't read this so I'm not even going to bother with names, and had a good time which I'll recount bits and pieces of later. Right now I'm having an epic layover at seatac airport. It looks like this:

more pictures in a minute.

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