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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Post-a-day 1: vertigo

Okay, so in trying to make up for the fact that I haven’t posted at all in quite awhile, I am going to post once a day for ten days. Hence I am titling it post- a- day. And yes I know, “but isn’t that what regular blogs do all the time?” Well, yes. “So why is this special enough to warrant you explaining it?” I don’t know, I got to this part of the post and then had to stop because in addition to it being post-a-day day one, it’s also $7movie Tuesday, and if you get there late you have to sit in the very front and move your head around dartingly to watch the whole screen  and that just makes my vertigo worse. But I got there on time, so yay me. Saw Beginners, it was good. Like I was saying two sentences ago, vertigo, as in these various vertigo inspired starts- of-comics. You either know what I mean or aren’t used to hallucinatory illnesses yet. Which, you know, you obviously want to be.

And that’s number one. Bam. Tomorrow: post-a-day two, tentatively titled: the spider that just ran under my bed failed to grant me superpowers when it bit me.

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  1. The theater I go to here in Orlando is only $6.50 for matinee (they have $5 tuesdays and its $5 before noon.) Its a really nice theater too with DLP projectors and everything. I always hear about people paying like $10-$15 for a movie and it sounds so crazy. At that price I'd just wait for the bluray/dvd.