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Thursday, January 26, 2012

illustrations 2 & 3

Okay so here's the other two in the dressed animals series. They're designed to be ipad wallpapers (that was the assignment, I just drew weird stuff not caring). So if you'd like, download and use as a wallpaper, and then tell me or send me a picture, so I can finally be at peace knowing it's been field-tested and really works as a wallpaper (okay, now I'm just being snarky..but really let me know if you use it). Oh and if you missed the first one, or the drawing the series is based on, more animal fun for you!

And one last thing...yes I am still doing comics. In fact, I'm so bombarded with material that I've just been sketching them out and then moving on to the next one before I lose the idea, but by Saturday I should have time to fully finish and post some that are in progress.

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