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Friday, March 30, 2012

part two:dishes

Okay, so between having a life, the internet being temperamental, and my computer spazzing out, I have yet to finish my Boboli Gardens Series. Well, have no fear, because, I'm on it. A probably lesser gawked at part of the gardens is the silver museum, which basically means "ridiculously ornate plates and such" as opposed to all actual silver items, and I suppose it is the sort of thing that most people's grandma's drag them in to view, but I not-so-secretly love looking at this sort of stuff. They're super-detailed, painstakingly gorgeous, and essentially JUST TO EAT OFF. Like think about that, once upon a time, that was just for someone fancy to place their fancy snack on whilst entertaining some other fancy person. And that's what a chunk of the people whom are nowadays making all sorts of cool art would be doing: putting all their love and energy into: a plate that only the fanciest of the fancy could even see. So while on one hand it's really great that all this attention was paid to making every little thing beautiful, it really makes me grateful for the modern age. Plus, did I mention there's a bug-themed bowl? Like a bowl based off the things you don't want in your bowl?!
obviously, no one ate off this

see? what'd I tell you? bug bowl!

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