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Friday, February 25, 2011

good morning

so this is one of the first times in recorded history i've felt good in the morning. Well relatively good, i mean the vertigo is still acting up..wait I didn't tell you? It's actually a funny story: I have vertigo. Because when it comes to being sick, the flu is just so mainstream. (sorry I woke up early and that gave me some time to websurf, which of  course led to a lot of those hipster disney memes. But it looks like there's some fresh snow on the ground (I will never get used to living where it's like waking up in a fairytale!) so I'm going to go enjoy that and leave you with these:

all taken with this fine piece of equiptment (when I was shooting it was covered in tape to keep it sealed, still had epic light the four-shot cameras are fun, doing some 120mm this week)
Oh, and on an unrelated note: if you ordered 11/10 already, you'll be notified when it ships (running a bit behind due to unforeseen time constraints) and if you haven't what are you waiting for?
another unrelated: of course I'm working on a vertigo-themed comic. should be up in the week.

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  1. wow thise pictures are amazing