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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I must somewhat admit that I'm a stumble-uponing, link-clicking, suggestion-taking, next-blog-looking-at, google-everything, and sign-up-for-the-enewstetter kind of gal. Which recently led me to finding a photography project by Matt Logue called Empty LA, which is a series of photographs of places in Los Angeles with all the human presences edited out but like much more than it sounds like it'd be (really hard to describe without showing it, so just be a fellow link clicker.) But anyhow, I was incredibly moved by it, and noticed there was a contact link on his website, so I sent him a message thanking him for the amazing art and attempting to explain my interaction with it (I do things like this whenever I find something particularly striking...weird I'm sure, but I just feel that we should always share any kind thoughts we have, and thank those who fill the world with their own creations that in turn affect us and our worlds). And today he sent me the nicest and most generous email back (you'd be surprised how many people will respond to you, I've had many positive interactions with  people whom I was amazed thought I was worth the time to talk to. Another recent instance of this involved sorting out some copyright issues for something in the comicbook in which the recipients' people were extremely'll see what and who soon!) But long story short, I just wanted to share a thought about communication, and how even the small things can mean a lot to others.

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