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Monday, February 21, 2011


Socrates once said "the life unexamined is not worth living". You are now checking the url, because you don't understand why someone would do a serious-toned parody site of the-tori. Really, it's me. Proof: when I was typing this, I pronounced it so-crates in my head, ala Bill and Ted's. But back to so-crates, I mean Socrates. I just finished the last bit of pre-printing work that needed to be done on the comic book I've been working on for three months, the one I've been telling ya'll about. And as I was doing this, I started chickening out. By which I mean, I thought of quitting so close to my goal because I was afriad of what I'd made, what I'd done, and the fact that in this journey, I had unintentionally caused myself to examine my life more than I ever have or would want to, and in creating a finished product, am sharing a lot more of that life than I think I'm comfortable with. But I didn't chicken out, for the same reason that I had wanted to chicken out. Because experiences, if you don't allow yourself to apply them, never get to live up to what they could have been. And because I've had a lot of great people in my life who've believed in me, and the least I could do in return was believe in myself.

Gahh, that was super-cheesy sounding.

Just take a peek at the cover and pretend I didn't say anything.
(Ordering info will be up in the next two days..)

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