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Sunday, February 12, 2012

From The Top-Secret Archives

So here's the next installment in a series I drew but never finished posting. As it's from awhile ago you can obviously get some sense of raw hastiness to spit out a whole idea at once just to have it on paper, I think these were actually meant to be cleaned up a bit and possibley even colored, but I like them in this rustic state, think it works well with the sentimentality of them. Fortunately/unfortunately I feel like as far as comics-work goes this site will be heftily supplemented with work I did in the past, lost, and then found when I was moving out of my old place, as making new comics is taking a lot longer than it normally does. Which I honestly think in retrospect will be for the best, because they are only taking so long because I have the next idea before the first one is finished, and also because I am experimenting with new techniques to create things that look more dynamic and in some cases, more accurate. So there are things coming just delayed. Also, this weekend was supposed to be my big work on comics-palooza and then Friday night my heater and hot water went out and did not get repaired until late Sunday afternoon. So my fingers were too numb from cold to draw anything. But I feel like it's going to make a good story. Which, really, is all I'm after.

The Melancholy Octopus, Part 3 (Parts 1 & 2, if you need to catch up):

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