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Sunday, February 26, 2012

texture study/tide over

Alright, so I got a good load of work done on new comics yesterday in a little cafe where either they had a very short playlist on loop or it was a legitimately 30minute long rap song with a very strange dubby breakdown halfway through (yes, I feel the need to destroy all your conceptions of a charmingly quaint classy Florence..furthermore I may have been semi-kicked out for bogarting a corner table for almost two hours while only buying one drink..) Anyway, I ended up drawing far past the time I could go scan something, so ya'll are going to have to wait. In the meantime, enjoy this doodle I did at the same time of different textures/organisms I've been messing around with a bit.
Ciao. Io devo studiare Italiano aora perche non parlo o scivo molto buono  perche non sono brava de ricordo lingua straneri e fa un esame domani. (I think I just said "bye, I have to study Italian now because I don't speak or write very well because I am not clever at remembering foreign languages and I have an exam tomorrow.)

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