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Friday, January 28, 2011

kicking it old-school.

So I've been dilligently working: on school, on some new photos (up soon), on figuring  out the technical aspects of the the hopefully comic book (for those of you who know it by its codename) and I can't help but find the last is another one of those things that I'm very hesitant about. I like ideas, but I easily scare when faced with realities. So In order to keep this place fresh and spiffy because it is getting hit up like a real blog these days, I'm posting this. It's a comic I did a little over a year ago, and I just found it the other day. I really think it's funny that even though I feel like my life has changed so much since then, I still really identify with it.

..personally, I don't feel like I've ever posted something that was so personal in this way, but I'm trying to stop being so afraid of all that, and honestly if you know me and you weren't aware that I'm constantly nervous and a little emotionally fragile, especially when it comes to friendships ending and such. Plus, I've gotten a lot better at things since then. Like now this comic is up for the world to see, and I'm more than willing to admit I drew it and that's something I like to do. And when you think about all the progress you've made, all you've got to go is less daunting.
*if you just stumbled here and are now going "whaaa?" I'm sorry. The thinking out loud usually isn't so feelingsy.

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