tori holder

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Okay, so I'm impossibly slow on the whole posting things relevant bit, and that really does make me feel bad, especially since in the past few days I've been getting a bunch (relatively) of visits from people looking at c.o.m. contributors. So i thought i'd explain why it's taking so long for new stuff to show up:
See, it's just not easy being really easily distracted. (sorry for the poor quality, but I literally just did this in a couple minutes)
But i am seriously going to get some work done today, and also, if you're interested in any more work from me, follow the blog or sign up for the feed. Especially if I already know you and you're just going to expect me to tell you person that I posted something, because i love you, but you're defeating  the point of blog. Also, if you're only really interested in when the new minicomic thingamagig is finished/goes on sale, just leave some kind of contact info in the comments and I'll let you know.


  1. i love your sense of humor...i myself have a pretty similar sense :)

  2. Hey, Tori. Glad to see a (relatively) large amount of traffic thrown your way. Loved the pie chart. I'm the same way; I think a lot more about doing something than I actually spend doing it.