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Friday, January 21, 2011


It's been a good past couple of days for the most part. I got my darkroom access keys and spent a fantastic few hours in there developing film and now have a ton of beautiful, beautiful negatives to make prints out of. and of course a mysterious darkroom-related injury (yeah, I'm one of those people who says "oh hey, I'm bleeding, how'd that happen? gee, it really isn't stopping is it?" a lot) that due to possible chemical interaction might lead to superpowers (or, you know, infection and minor poisoning).But it really isn't that bad and I cleaned it so no worries. Also, in my state of photo related giddiness I'm trying to balance in  my comics as well, which i seriously thought was going to be a fail, but I worked on some drawings for the cover last night and ended up staying up way too late, but it happens. So that's my life right now. Oh and school.

I know there was something I wanted to write about but I completely blanking on it.

Oh wait now I remember. So I've been reading "Perfect Example" by John Porcellino reccently (it's some excepts from King Cat...really good) and it really has got me thinking about how sometimes the super- simple- minamalist- day- in- the- life kind of stuff can really just blow you away and be really phenomenal. Which is good , because I've been worrying a lot lately that  my stuff is very simplistic and amateur, and therefore really pedestrian. But then i see something like that, and I think: but you can say the world wide world with simple. Especially the things you can't explain, you can just get across somehow. And that makes me feel a lot better, even though I doubt I'll ever be half as good. But I try and that's what counts. So long as you try.

Whoa, that got greeting-cardsy pretty fast. I'll be less warm and fuzzy in next post, promise. Got to go!

oh, and sorry about just linking to amazon...but I trust that now that you know what the cover looks like you can go down to you favorite comic book store and get it (yay for independent local retail! ..rant about that some other time)

(..end transmission..)

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