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Monday, April 18, 2011

and the return of comics-time

Sorry guys, I actually  had like 2 or three different comics that have been sitting around for awhile, I was just too lazy to scan them. Yeah, um so this one lost some of its personal relevance, because a few weeks ago I had to do what felt like a lot of readings that were in old or middle English, so this was a retaliation to having to read all that. If you're a big medieval-lit fan, please don't take offense, just pay attention to the unintentional malt-liquor pun and the intentional Doctor Who homage (it comes back Saturday...excited. Yes, I am a geek, we already knew that).

Yeah, the scan cut off the very bottom of this page so I just typed in the missing text. Lazy.   Also, I know these are cheap-shot jokes and recycled stereotypes, but sometimes I feel like being cliche, okay?

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