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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

morning news (late edition)

So yeah just some quick headlines for this one:
1. Free Comic Book Day. May 7. Featuring me. Be there.

(I would show you my comic in it, but it's secret, under wraps, confidential.. aren't you extra excited now that you know the oldest trick in the the marketing book is being used on you (by which I mean telling you a little bit and then not saying any more and making it seem like it's the world's biggest deal..wait I think for that one I'm supposed to say whatever I am showing you "unfortunately" leaked onto the internet...which, from now on, you'll think it did.)
2.When I woke up this morning, two of the caterpillars (remember them ? From here) had made their way out of their cocoons and are now butterflies. I actually woke up to looked over and saw Valencia fall out of her cocoon...yeah, they're not exactly graceful butterflies, but leave it to me to have the world's least graceful butterflies.

3. Blog is under construction. Everything works, it just looks different. Watch out for chunks of ceiling possibly falling on your head.
4. I forgot what four was.

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