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Monday, April 4, 2011

more Los Angeles pictures

"...and if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born in"- Death Cab For Cutie
(some people quote philosophers, poets, and prophets, but I find no shame in a well placed band quote when used sparingly) 

But anyhow, I mention that just to set the mood for these, just because that is often what going back home and photographing back home feels like. Like I'm just trying to snatch up all the need to see bits that suddenly seem unfamiliar, because you've been away from them, because you realize it isn't a place you've been, it's a place you've been through.

case in point
Regardless, enjoy these.

should I say something about solitude or a commentary on the situations facing pedestrians in LA? just love this one.

little boy with yamaka and sunglasses...oh the things our parents bestow on us..adorable

melrose flea should check it out

a series of studies on a bridge I really like

Also for those of you wondering if new comics are ever coming, I had to put everything on hold to finish a particular comic that I'll tell you more about later. Another time when I'll be free to tell you all about the comic, so much so that I could write a book based off our day discussing it (did you get the hint?). But I'm done with it now so expect something comicsy soon.

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  1. i quote songs all the time...

    you should look up the weakerthans, you might dig em.