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Friday, February 25, 2011

good morning

so this is one of the first times in recorded history i've felt good in the morning. Well relatively good, i mean the vertigo is still acting up..wait I didn't tell you? It's actually a funny story: I have vertigo. Because when it comes to being sick, the flu is just so mainstream. (sorry I woke up early and that gave me some time to websurf, which of  course led to a lot of those hipster disney memes. But it looks like there's some fresh snow on the ground (I will never get used to living where it's like waking up in a fairytale!) so I'm going to go enjoy that and leave you with these:

all taken with this fine piece of equiptment (when I was shooting it was covered in tape to keep it sealed, still had epic light the four-shot cameras are fun, doing some 120mm this week)
Oh, and on an unrelated note: if you ordered 11/10 already, you'll be notified when it ships (running a bit behind due to unforeseen time constraints) and if you haven't what are you waiting for?
another unrelated: of course I'm working on a vertigo-themed comic. should be up in the week.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For Sale.

Okay, here's the big announcement. My new comic11/10 is officially  for sale. (Someone cheers in the background..thanks guys) It's $2 plus $1 domestic shipping ( for orders, contact me here... also if you want to do a comicswap, I'd probably be down) I know that seems like a lot, but crunching the numbers, that's a few cents over breaking even. So just click on the 'buy now' button to do so, with all the safe-ness that comes via making a paypal purchase... (I swear I won't run off with your money.)But yeah, this is something I've worked really hard on  for awhile now, so if you've got the $, it's worth it. Thirty-two 8.5x5.5in pages of lovely drawings and words, just for you. It's sort of like what you might've seen before from me either in c.o.m or here, except like, extended edition. Don't take my word for it, preview a couple pages!

And please please please, if you feel so inclined, tweet, blog, post, shout about, pass a note about this. It'd mean the world to me.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Socrates once said "the life unexamined is not worth living". You are now checking the url, because you don't understand why someone would do a serious-toned parody site of the-tori. Really, it's me. Proof: when I was typing this, I pronounced it so-crates in my head, ala Bill and Ted's. But back to so-crates, I mean Socrates. I just finished the last bit of pre-printing work that needed to be done on the comic book I've been working on for three months, the one I've been telling ya'll about. And as I was doing this, I started chickening out. By which I mean, I thought of quitting so close to my goal because I was afriad of what I'd made, what I'd done, and the fact that in this journey, I had unintentionally caused myself to examine my life more than I ever have or would want to, and in creating a finished product, am sharing a lot more of that life than I think I'm comfortable with. But I didn't chicken out, for the same reason that I had wanted to chicken out. Because experiences, if you don't allow yourself to apply them, never get to live up to what they could have been. And because I've had a lot of great people in my life who've believed in me, and the least I could do in return was believe in myself.

Gahh, that was super-cheesy sounding.

Just take a peek at the cover and pretend I didn't say anything.
(Ordering info will be up in the next two days..)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I apparently did a Norman cartoon for Stonechat Productions. See kids, that's why you don't want to go to school, you'll study so much that you will draw things and submit them to other sites and have NO RECOLLECTION OF DOING THEM until you get an email about it being posted, and then look at and are like "yeah, that's familiar I guess...I thought that was in a dream though.." But it's nice, and just the fact that I apparently wasn't fully sentient while doing is funny enough on its own, so looky-look and if you click on the picture, you can see some more Normans by Dave and other people..and maybe you'll knock back a couple of essays and submit  a Norman of your own.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I must somewhat admit that I'm a stumble-uponing, link-clicking, suggestion-taking, next-blog-looking-at, google-everything, and sign-up-for-the-enewstetter kind of gal. Which recently led me to finding a photography project by Matt Logue called Empty LA, which is a series of photographs of places in Los Angeles with all the human presences edited out but like much more than it sounds like it'd be (really hard to describe without showing it, so just be a fellow link clicker.) But anyhow, I was incredibly moved by it, and noticed there was a contact link on his website, so I sent him a message thanking him for the amazing art and attempting to explain my interaction with it (I do things like this whenever I find something particularly striking...weird I'm sure, but I just feel that we should always share any kind thoughts we have, and thank those who fill the world with their own creations that in turn affect us and our worlds). And today he sent me the nicest and most generous email back (you'd be surprised how many people will respond to you, I've had many positive interactions with  people whom I was amazed thought I was worth the time to talk to. Another recent instance of this involved sorting out some copyright issues for something in the comicbook in which the recipients' people were extremely'll see what and who soon!) But long story short, I just wanted to share a thought about communication, and how even the small things can mean a lot to others.

Monday, February 14, 2011

hearts don't heart you.

so i'm single, I mean, I feel like you read the title and knew that, but I swear, I'm not bitter about it. I just thought a holiday comic would be fitting, and this holiday is rife with anachronisms and flaws, some of which are funny. I mean, that's the truth. So whatever this day is for you, I hope you like the comic and wish you the happiest of feb.14ths.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

new comic!

So i was going to add color to this, but I've been busy so it's just been sitting around, and I was like "fine, I'll just post it". One of multiple, at least one or two more of these. Got to break away from the autobio a little every once in a while. I have no title for it, once again, part of why it's been benched, but that's not it's fault.

..and yes this is loosely based off the pictures from this post.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

you know..

Hah, so I kind of hate/love this. Took a webcam picture and then just traced over it in photoshop. I'm going to stick to real pens and pencils though. Computers are weird!

the comics journal review of c.o.m. vol.12 ...and you can still buy this wonderfulness here!

(also, high fives to all the other contributors and Josh)

(also, the self-deprecation is already kicking in. I suck, this is just a mass hallucination)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


So  here are some pictures, as promised. Taken using a Canon AE-1 (35mm) and printed on fiber-based glossy paper (I flattened these out for days yet they're still wrinkly, so the scanner wasn't too fond of that, hence some of the irregularities. Additionally I think the scanner needs a good dusting and perhaps some windex...because the real prints, believe it or not, are not covered in fuzz and dust) Oh well, did what I could. New comic should within the week.

Frightened Rabbit, in October..I think

yes, the negative is backward. I liked the composition better that way.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have a lot of non-blog related work on my plate right now so I probably will have less if any posts in the new week or two. I'll try and get back to you folks, I promise. I'm just apologizing in advance. I'm not whitestripes-ing you guys. (too soon? probably)