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Saturday, April 30, 2011

spring spring spring

all the butterflies are out and about! Look at some pictures of them and let that wonderful springy feeling get all over you..then go outside!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

after a very suspense filled hiatus

The sequel to the octopus comic! What, you don't remember the octopus comic? That's okay, catch up with it and then come back.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

morning news (late edition)

So yeah just some quick headlines for this one:
1. Free Comic Book Day. May 7. Featuring me. Be there.

(I would show you my comic in it, but it's secret, under wraps, confidential.. aren't you extra excited now that you know the oldest trick in the the marketing book is being used on you (by which I mean telling you a little bit and then not saying any more and making it seem like it's the world's biggest deal..wait I think for that one I'm supposed to say whatever I am showing you "unfortunately" leaked onto the internet...which, from now on, you'll think it did.)
2.When I woke up this morning, two of the caterpillars (remember them ? From here) had made their way out of their cocoons and are now butterflies. I actually woke up to looked over and saw Valencia fall out of her cocoon...yeah, they're not exactly graceful butterflies, but leave it to me to have the world's least graceful butterflies.

3. Blog is under construction. Everything works, it just looks different. Watch out for chunks of ceiling possibly falling on your head.
4. I forgot what four was.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

As it happens to be, I haven't really lived coherenly yet

I was going to blather on about where that came from, and how it relates to everything and blah, blah blah. but I have had too much blah blah blah from myself lately. So just enjoy these drawings, all of which are 2-3 years old at least (found them while looking for something else).

In other news, working on a new comic today and going to the darkroom after this, feels good. As always, stay tuned...

Oh and happy Easter. Go find some eggs or something.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

out of order

So I started this series a few weeks ago, with the idea that half the problem with most of the problems we have with ourselves are things we constantly think about but never really express. So these are confessional comics, scrawled purges, trying to make something out of worst, just to see what would happen if someone just shouted out the evils in them without thinking first, hence they're really, really messy. But it helps, it's cathartic. All things know, I'm not someone you should come to for advice, but try it yourself why don't you... see if it changes anything.

and yes, I know that the first panel isn't even a drawing... like I said, trying new things.

Monday, April 18, 2011

and the return of comics-time

Sorry guys, I actually  had like 2 or three different comics that have been sitting around for awhile, I was just too lazy to scan them. Yeah, um so this one lost some of its personal relevance, because a few weeks ago I had to do what felt like a lot of readings that were in old or middle English, so this was a retaliation to having to read all that. If you're a big medieval-lit fan, please don't take offense, just pay attention to the unintentional malt-liquor pun and the intentional Doctor Who homage (it comes back Saturday...excited. Yes, I am a geek, we already knew that).

Yeah, the scan cut off the very bottom of this page so I just typed in the missing text. Lazy.   Also, I know these are cheap-shot jokes and recycled stereotypes, but sometimes I feel like being cliche, okay?

Friday, April 15, 2011

random picture--dream coulds

Just found this on my computer...from about a month ago, driving into Palm Springs. I did not edit this AT ALL (not even brightness/contrast)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

in the bag

Sorry for all my kitschy post lately. But check it!

bag, in its original state, buck-fifty at goodwill

sketches w/le pen

finished product, colored in w/sharpie (so far resists to washing off, but will probably seal it)

yup, that's all. I swear I'll get some real photos and/or comics up by the weekend. I'm just having too much fun with my little projects this week.

Oh and for those who are wondering..the caterpillars are growing like crazy and have made a complete mess of their little jar-home. Dave and Ivey keep racing each other to the top of the jar..silly kids, in a rush to grow up (I think that statement clarifies all the "will they be butterflies?" questions).

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

biggest fan..

Sometimes you just make art that makes you feel good. Case in point, this. I did it using a polariod transfer technique (instructions here, using fuji instead of polariod). The images were made off slides (I'll put all the slides on here one day, I just haven't gotten around to scanning them). But it just look awesome and I thought I'd share:
(yes, I sat this on my bed to take a picture of it)

Monday, April 11, 2011


I got five new friends this weekend! They're great, we're all watching tv on the computer right now (although it's difficult to not knock them of the keyboard while typing) Well, let me explain... they're not people-friends, but they're awesome. They're caterpillars! (Okay I get it, you can stop making that face). But uh, here's some sketches and pictures. More to come.

from left: Thurston, Izzabella, Ivey, Valencia, Dave

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

blog post via carrier pigeon

 Okay, so I actually did this comic at the airport/on a plane or something I think? In which I mean I was obviously not drawing on a solid surface or with much intent. But here it is, nonetheless, because I'm procrastinating from doing work and found this.

Based on a conversation with my mom (we were talking during the email/tweets segment of The Late Late Show...if you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the show sometime)

See, I promise comics and I come through. Reliable. Sorry the image quality's a little off...that's what I hate, scanning or photographing in pencil never comes out like it looks like in real life. Should have went over it in day I will make better versions of all the comics that I drew and posted hastily, I will.

Monday, April 4, 2011

more Los Angeles pictures

"...and if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born in"- Death Cab For Cutie
(some people quote philosophers, poets, and prophets, but I find no shame in a well placed band quote when used sparingly) 

But anyhow, I mention that just to set the mood for these, just because that is often what going back home and photographing back home feels like. Like I'm just trying to snatch up all the need to see bits that suddenly seem unfamiliar, because you've been away from them, because you realize it isn't a place you've been, it's a place you've been through.

case in point
Regardless, enjoy these.

should I say something about solitude or a commentary on the situations facing pedestrians in LA? just love this one.

little boy with yamaka and sunglasses...oh the things our parents bestow on us..adorable

melrose flea should check it out

a series of studies on a bridge I really like

Also for those of you wondering if new comics are ever coming, I had to put everything on hold to finish a particular comic that I'll tell you more about later. Another time when I'll be free to tell you all about the comic, so much so that I could write a book based off our day discussing it (did you get the hint?). But I'm done with it now so expect something comicsy soon.