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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Okay, so it was my fourteenth birthday, and it marked a kind of shift in birthday-perspective. I was in high school (about two weeks in, you know, that point where you're only 94% sure all the time you spend there is going to epically suck). My mom still wanted to do something for my birthday, I was feeling a little distanced from a lot of my friends (we didn't have classes together), and was worried if I had some big shindig no one would show up (we did however have a birthday family dinner, and then a little get together of friends at the house). But the thing I most remember were these balloons.

at my high school, you could send balloons to any student if you had the cash and it was a school day. These showed up at my 3rd period class, and for some reason, it was a complete puzzle to me: who would send me balloons? Why? They were from Courtney and Nicole, neither of whom I'd seen that day yet, so I honestly didn't even know they remembered my birthday. But they cared. They balloon-getting cared. Which was a big deal in high school. Thanks guys.

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