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Saturday, September 10, 2011


My tenth birthday was one of the last days I spent in what I've always considered my "real" home (we only lived there maybe 6-7 years, which I'm sure to some people isn't a lot, but it was where I felt most at, and hence will somehow alawys be, home. So my tenth birthday was, in retrospect, an ode to that problem ridden rented model home (if you have no idea what a "model home" is may I refer you to the first season of Arrested Development. Seriously we lived there awhile before anyone realized the problem with the bottom oven was it hadn't been fully wired in). But it will always be one of my favourite places and I only complain for comedic effect. Here's a map of my room there and surrounding areas that I did for this course I'm taking on the private aspects of the creative process, possibly one of the most interesting courses I've ever taken. Folks who come here for the silly comics, check out the book An Illustrated Life (of course your local independent bookstore would be the best place to get it, or check it out from the library!), it is one of my textbooks and I am in love with it, you probably will be too.

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